SILVIA Mosquito Repellent and Anti-itch Patch – Buy 1 Get 1 Free

2-in -1 functions【Mosquito Repellent X Anti-itch】

It consists of natural active ingredients of “Mosquito Repellent” and “Anti-itch” embodied into the patch by Japanese process technology. This product passed SGS report, which is DEET free, and passed heavy metal test. No harmful effects to human body. It is safe and reliable for use. 。

Packing: 1 pack of 12 pieces

Country of Origin: Taiwan



  • 2-in-1 functions of repelling mosquitoes while easing itching mosquito and insect bites.
  • Special patch material leaves no sticky residue on your cloth
  • Soft patches cause no pain to the skin irritation when torn off
  • Strong adhesion for sticking on clothing, furniture or your skin directly
  • Aluminum zipper bag keeps the active ingredients and aroma tightly sealed inside
  • Patches infused with tea tree oil, bergamot natural essential oil for a long-lasting, refreshing scent


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使用方法 :
(1) 驅蚊: 使用時先將鋁箔袋撕開,將有黏性的一面貼於衣服、帽子、褲子、襪子或手袋的外側 ; 或是貼於床邊與嬰兒車上。
(2) 止癢舒緩: 使用時先將鋁箔袋撕開,將有黏性的一面直接貼於被蚊蟲叮咬位置。未滿8歲之孩童由於肌膚較幼嫩,請勿直接貼於皮膚上。

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SILVIA 防敏驅蚊止癢貼


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