SILVIA Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper

SILVIA Mid-Autumn Gift Hamper

Packing: 5 cans of scented tea / 1 set of tea pot / 1 bottle of red wine / 1 box of moon cake

Elegant lily flower pattern mother-and-child pot set, practical and elegant, with the Silvia scented tea series selected top scented tea-(Rose White Tea, Osmanthus Tieh Kuan Yin, Genmaicha Green Tea, Jasmine LiuPao Tea, Roselle Tea) selected red wine and moon cakes, decent and generous, as a gift.


  • Pyramid tea bag allows faster brewing and delivers the best flavour before the water cools down
  • Pyramid tea bag-high-quality food-grade imported corn fiber, biodegradable, healthy and environmentally friendly
  • 4-piece set (pot x 1, cup x 1, saucer x 1, spoon x 1)
  • Cup and pot integrated, practical and elegant, space saving, convenient storage
  • Selected wine and moon cakes

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