Shinagawa Sea Cucumber (L) from Awaji Island, Kansai, Japan

Shinagawa Sea Cucumber (L) from Awaji Island, Kansai, Japan

Country of Origin : Japan
Packing: 500g (about 42-52 sticks) (10-13g each)

Awaji Island in the Seto Inland Sea is located on an island in the western part of Japan. It has a warm and dry climate and a unique environment. It is surrounded by the sea and is rich in marine resources. It is famous for its rich variety of seafood, and its quality is guaranteed.

Shinagawa Fisheries on Awaji Island began in 1921. Since its establishment, it has developed four generations of seafood companies. The sea cucumbers produced are very proud of its business and have been widely praised in Japan and abroad. The whole production process of Quancai is carefully crafted by high-tech and all-hands. The divers dived into the nearby waters to catch the fish by themselves. The process and screening are 100% manual. The screening process is very rigorous. After screening, it will be transported to the outdoors. The sea cucumbers can be dried under the sun and the sea breeze to completely dry the sea cucumbers. Within months, “sea cucumbers” can be grown without excess water, which produces a unique flavor and is of great value.



【Efficacy of Sea Cucumber】
As the "top of sea cucumbers", sea cucumbers are of course highly sought after in terms of dietary therapy and health preservation.
Sea cucumber contains saponins, 18 kinds of amino acids, extremely rich in arginine, collagen, trace elements, etc. You can get a variety of nutrients by eating one sea cucumber.
The main effects are as follows:
1. Enhance immunity
Sea cucumber contains a variety of amino acids, including essential amino acids that the human body cannot produce on its own. These amino acids can help strengthen the immune system and prevent various diseases.

2. Nourish yin and beauty
Sea cucumber is rich in collagen, which is a nourishing yin treasure, nourishes qi and blood, skin care and beauty, and it has very low calories and low fat, nourishing and beneficial, and it can be described as a beauty beauty for women.


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