Lion Rock Disposable Surgical Earloop Face Mask (Navy Blue)

Origin : Hong Kong
30 pieces of masks per box
❖ Navy blue color is extra stylish, suitable for different outfits
❖ Suitable for both men and women
❖ Unique mask box
– made of high-quality materials, it will not be damaged due to frequent removal of masks,
and can save masks more effectively
– look more stylish and add to your lifestyle




(Individual Packed) 30pcs/box
L Size︰17.5cm x 9.5cm
- ASTM F2100 Level 3
- EN14683 TYPE IIR
- BFE,PFE,VFE ≥ 99%
- GB15979-2002
Manufactured in ISO-14644-1 Class 8 Clean Room
ISO 13485-2016 Quality Management Systems
Made in Hong Kong


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